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Intellectual Property Services

The defining characteristic of the international research-based pharmaceutical industry is its commitment to innovative, but expensive, R&D investment, and the cornerstone of protecting this investment is via executing a robust intellectual property (IP) policy.

At TBS we understand the importance of IP policy and how it relates to ensuring that an asset is protected, compliant and fulfills its maximum Return on Investment (RoI). Whether you are an innovator seeking protection for a New Chemical Entity (NCE) or a generic/biosimilar manufacturer, we can help create a clear road map to launch your products.

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IP Portfolio Management & Optimization

Value maximization: IP management of existing portfolios, including supporting R&D teams to identify evergreening or repurposing/reprofiling of current and future pipelines. i.e., 505b(2) products, i.e., new formulations, routes of delivery, chemical modifications (salts) and enantiomer switches.

  • Expertise with both small and large molecule products as well as MedTech, Diagnostic products

  • Review and clarifications for in-house teams when it comes to parallel “sui generis” rights in the pharmaceutical industry, i.e., data protection, market protection, Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) and Orphan designation

  • In conjunction with other commercial services input into due diligence and gap analysis activities to provide a “complete picture.”

  • Providing go/no decisions for New Product Development (NPD) teams when looking to develop pharmaceutical assets

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Patent Drafting & Intelligence

  • Conducting Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches for in/out licensing deals

  • Patentability evaluations that highlight patent infringement

  • Patent searches

  • Patent analytics services for the fund raising community (VC/PE/Angel/Hedge Fund), i.e., helping investors understand the current/future life science IP landscape to identify "hot" areas in the healthcare space

  • Developing patentability arguments for/against

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